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Guangzhou Weishun Electronics Technology Co., LTD., was founded in 2006, who is a professional company of HD audio and high-tech manufacturing of automotive electronics products. Our products are mainly serving the high-end consumer electronics, and is committed to the global well-known brands to provide innovative design and manufacturing services, to provide the most innovative automotive electronic consumer products.

Company with innovation of science and technology as the core value, our open and rigorous enterprise culture are attracted a lot of high-tech talent, the establishment of a complete hardware and software of industrial design and structure design of research and development center, many products has maintained a high attention at home and abroad, and our production are according to the user requirements for the principle, through our professional R&D team and make unremitting efforts, has introduced the innovation of the mature product, is gradually into a new generation of consumer electronics brand globalization.

Company in order to the best serve with the technology made, this will continue to be based on the good prestige, uphold solid and development, realistic and innovative spirit, providing customers with more comprehensive output plan in line.  Company with the pursuit of excellence, forever beyond the spirit of enterprise, and gradually introduce more professional technical services to all customer.

Welcome to contact with our company, and establish the business cooperation.

Company products are mainly in the high-end consumer electronics and is committed to global brands with innovative design and manufacturing services , providing the most innovative automotive consumer electronics.

The company " Innovation and Technology " as its core values , open and rigorous corporate culture , attracting a large number of high-tech talent , the establishment of a complete hardware , software , industrial design and structural design of the R & D center , many products at home and abroad has been maintained high degree of concern , and production and sales . Adhering to the principle of user needs through our professional R & D team and unremitting efforts, has introduced innovative products mature , are moving to a new generation of global consumer electronics brand to enter .

Company " to serve as the first, with technology of legislation" will continue to be the basis of a good reputation , uphold stability and development, realistic and innovative spirit , providing customers with a more complete output solution . "Pursuit of excellence , never go beyond " spirit of enterprise , and gradually introduce more professional and technical services to the public !

You are welcome to contact us and establish business cooperation.

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